For true intelligence AI requires to both think and feel like humans do

“Without emotion, no being that we might create can have any hope of aspiring true intelligence”

In the article “Robot cognition requires machines that both think and feel” Luiz Pessola makes the point that designers of robots tend to focus purely on the rational cognitive capabilities. By doing so, the intelligent machines we create are not intelligent at all. Yes, they are intelligent in playing chess. No, they are not intelligent because they do not have a sense of urgency or the typical human smarts. For true intelligence AI requires to both think and feel like humans do.

At EMRAYS we came to the same conclusion in text analysis. It is the emotions of the reader of text that we should be interested in.

Understanding the effect text has on the emotional state of the reader allows us to communicate better. If you have ever used a chatbot then you know what I am talking about: Chatbots are not getting you emotionally – because they are rational systems, operating without emotions. When these systems would understand the affect of their texttual communication to the emotional state of the receiver a different type of conversation would emerge.

At EMRAYS we have understood this and can exceptionally accurately predict the emotional state of the reader of text. In fact, the EMRAYS AI reads and feels text the same way we humans do. 

Bringing feeling into Artificial Intelligence EMRAYS allows our clients to analyse text very accurately.

  • Optimize writing for emotions, and even compare the emotions between text.
  • Understand the emotional context of their company/brand/initiative in the news – you can get a daily feed for free!
  • Get the real emotions behind comments on social media and when needed act immediately
  • Analyze textual conversations with clients (e.g. chatbot conversations)
  • Bring text to speech to the next level by adding emotion transitions in speech where needed.
  • And more…

In the next blog posts, we will be discussing each of these areas in more detail.

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Artificial Emotional Intelligence is the future of marketing

The future of advertising is here. Using AI marketers can accurately understand how consumers feel emotionally about content and target specific emotional responses.

We all know that humans are emotional beings. In every decision we make emotions play the decisive role.

Understanding emotions are therefore fundamental to be even closer to your customers because once customers are emotionally connected, they stay loyal.

Emotions drive loyalty – Loyalty drives profits.

Marketers therefore continuously try to find new ways to be even closer to prospects and buyers, because, once a brand is in the heart and mind of buyers, it will affect purchases and increase publicity through word of mouth.

What if marketers were able to accurately understand how consumers feel emotionally about their content, and be able to create content based on desired emotional responses?

This is the holy grail of advertising, and it is here today. With Artificial Emotional Intelligence, brands can create that deeper emotional connection.

Once marketers accurately understand how consumers emotionally react to content it will change the way how we become even closer to our customers. Imagine being able to:

  • optimise text in headlines, websites, chats, PR etc to fit the desired emotion of the brand
  • perform emotional analysis on social media and influencers to finally see the true emotional impact of content and go far beyond sentiment analysis
  • Place digital ads only in emotionally suitable pages on websites – no more ads showing up in the wrong places
  • Text to speech engines that become more human
  • And many more!

This is not science fiction. Using Artificial Emotional Intelligence you can be even closer to your customers today.  

Take a look at the BMW slogan. Which slogan will evoke the right emotional reaction in the reader? The Ultimate Driving Machine or The Best Driving Machine?

The brand character of BMW is that of the Achiever archetype, thus fitting well with the evoked emotion of Amazement. Yes, BMW made the right decision.

Understanding the emotional reaction of customers to content even prior publication sounds magical and believe us, it feels magical.

EMRAYS has done what nobody else has been able to do before: we accurately forecast the emotional reaction of customers to text and do that in many languages.

Contact us to try it yourself.

Sentiment analysis doesn’t get the sentiment

It takes more than Sentiment Analysis to understand what and why your customers feel the way they do.

I remember the first time I saw the outcome of a sentiment analysis study and wondered how to interpret the output. Sentiment Analysis returns results in three buckets: Positive, Negative and Neutral. It left me with questions like what does it really mean and more importantly: what kind of action needs to be taken? Sentiment analysis won’t tell you.

Take the headline “Huawei Looks To Take On Apple With Mac-Like X Pro

Sentiment Analysis concludes with a Neutral sentiment. Now what?

When you dig deeper, you realize that humans train sentiment analysis. This means that if none of the words labeled as ‘Positive’ or ‘Negative’ appear in a sentence the whole sentence will be classified as neutral, leaving the marketer with even less. Even worse – new expressions, words or brands have to be labeled for the tools to pick them up.

Finally, sentiment analysis aims to determine the attitude of the writer. Of course, this is entirely useless because in marketing it is all about managing the perception of the receiver!

You understand that I got excited when Ilia Zaitsev, the CEO of EMRAYS reached out to me. Ilia had discovered how AI could read and understand text the same way we humans do – and express human emotions. With this technology businesses, people and brands can discover emotions in text and take action! 

Take the above headline example – after reading the EMRAYS AI concludes that the reader will feel the emotion of Disbelief

The above example is just a headline – but the EMRAYS AI reads any text, in any language. Think of: social media feeds, PR releases, marketing text, customer interaction… anything text based. As EMRAYS has also an understanding of brands, people and general topics like Brexit – you get very fast a sense of how people truly feel.

You can try this out for yourself – EMRAYS offers a daily feed of emotionally analyzed news for free. Simply enter your topic and email and you will get news to your inbox – all emotionally analyzed.  Simply click here:

At EMRAYS we love this quote from Dale Carnegie “when dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion” – and this is exactly why sentiment analysis is not enough to make decisions.

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