Instant emotion analysis for text, images and video

Use the world’s largest affective neural model with over 1.7 billion real user emotional reactions to instantly understand and optimize any content, so you can maximize your desired outcome.

How it works


Drop in content – query the news


Instantly review the results


Adjust to maximize outcome

Claim back your time

Instant, simple to use
Save time and resources
Extremely accurate

Clients performing Emotion Analysis


Our approach

Fundamentally, we have fully automated marketing research, so that marketing can be truly agile. This means that anyone can instantly test and adjust marketing content in real-time predicting the outcome before going to market.

We pioneered Emotion Computing which has led us to identify critical insights into emotion and behavior helping marketers to get results instantly and accurately while saving time and money.

Using EMRAYS marketers access to the world’s largest affective neural model with over 1.6 billion real user emotional reactions.

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Let us amaze you

We work with organizations ranging in size and industry, from startups to established global brands. We would love to show you how to instantly test, evaluate and optimize any marketing content saving you both time and money.

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